The 10th International Conference on Mechanochemistry and Mechanical Alloying 2020 (INCOME2020) is postponed to June 2022

Dear Colleague,

The Local Organizing Committee and the COST co-Organizing Committee, in close coordination with the President of the International Mechanochemical Association (IMA) Prof. Vladimir Sepelak, have made the decision to postpone the 10th International Conference on Mechanochemistry and Mechanical Alloying 2020 (INCOME2020) to June 2022.

INCOME2020 was originally set to take place in Cagliari, Italy, from 8 to 12 June 2020. Then, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreaks in Italy and throughout Europe and worldwide suggested a first postponement to June 2022.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly escalated and the emergency still continues. We know that the special situation and its accompanying restrictions will come to an end at some point. We do not yet know when we will return to our normal lives, but transition to normalcy is likely to take place in third or fourth quarter 2021, with some chance of delay until first quarter 2022.

For this reason, we have decided to postpone INCOME once again, in an attempt to have an in-person event. The conference location has not changed. The 10th INCOME will be held in Cagliari, Italy, in June 2022. Further notice will indicate the dates.

With our kindest regards,

The Organizing Committee

INCOME2020 is organized by the Departments of Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering, of Chemical and Geological Sciences and of Physics of the University of Cagliari (Italy) and by the COST Action CA18112 – Mechanochemistry for Sustainable Industry (MechSustInd), under the patronage of the International Mechanochemical Association (IMA), an organization associated with the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).


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Photo Credit: Cristina Caboni, Marta Cappai, Unsplash